Shutting down a business

For the last five years, I’ve run a small electronics supply chain business as a kind of “side hustle.” I sourced a niche category of consumer electronic devices and arranged for distribution. The business was profitable… in the last few years, I made around $50,000/year on volumes of about $1M/year. And it didn’t take too…

How to think about the value of credit card rewards and benefits.

I get asked all the time by friends and colleagues if they should sign up for a new credit card for [insert reason here]. Ultimately whether I recommend signing up for a new credit card comes down to one question: Will you receive quantifiable value out of the credit card that is well in excess…


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Hi. I’m Aaron. I’m a travel nerd, miles and points enthusiast, aviator, business strategist, contract bridge player, entrepreneuer, and electric vehicle advocate. In addition to freelance writing and business consulting, I blog here about a variety of topics, but mostly travel and miles and points.

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