Consulting Services

I have over fifteen years of experience making impactful changes at businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries.

To inquire about what I can do for you or my availability, contact me.

You have a business challenge to solve.
You need someone with experience who understands both business and technology.
You want to work with a human, not a firm.

That’s why you hire me.

About my experience

My strengths lie at the intersection of business and technology. I started my career writing software and leading process improvement initiatives. Since earning my MBA from the University of Michigan, I’ve helped a number of executive teams implement improvements in their businesses, from strategy to supply chain.

I’ve run a small business and I’ve led teams within global enterprises, including John Deere, Time Warner Cable, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Frontier Communications, Ascension Healthcare, Accenture, and Cenovus Energy.

My wide-ranging experience across engineering, supply chain, strategy, project management, and innovation means that I can bring a holistic perspective to engagements and I can identify touchpoints and impacts across an organization.

I hold an MBA from the University of Michigan and a degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University.

Types of consulting engagements

Some examples of types of consulting engagements I can support.

Project Management



Supply Chain


Technology Deployment

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