The best way to get in touch with me is via my email address or the form below. I’m likely to miss messages sent to me any other way.

Feel free to contact me for:

  • You want to hire me – I am happy to chat about freelance work. Please include your budget. I do not respond to RFPs.
  • Media inquiries – I am happy to do interviews for tier-one publications.
  • Questions following a conference talk – I will gladly clarify something that I’ve spoken about.
  • If you are a personal friend or colleague and don’t have my email address.

Do not contact me for:

  • Press releases – I don’t read them.
  • Uncompensated product reviews
  • Cryptocurrency – I’m not going to pitch your crypto app/startup/scam to my editors.
  • B2B services (Lead gen, marketing, CRM or other)

Contacting me for any of the above will likely get you and your organization blocked.

When contacting me, please be specific and to the point. You’re more likely to hear from me if I understand what you are seeking. I’m not going to “jump on a phone call” to figure out what you want.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading. Please mention that you have read this page. Your email is much more likely to be read if you do.

Get in touch

Curious about something I wrote?
Need consulting services?
Interested in inviting me to your conference?

Send a message using the form and I’ll be in touch.

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