Generally, the best way to get in touch with me is via my email address or the form below. I’m likely to miss messages sent to me any other way. I do attempt to respond to all of my email, but I won’t guarantee a reply.

Before contacting me, please review below to see if your question has been answered.

  • Content Licensing – I do not license my content for free. You are welcome to link to my content or embed the YouTube video player in your website. If you wish to license my content, contact me and include details about the arrangement and your budget. Requests for licensing not including budget will be deleted. I am not interested in revenue sharing agreements.
  • Crowdfunding – I don’t promote crowdfunding campaigns unless I have an existing relationship with the team.
  • Cryptocurrency – I don’t promote cryptocurrencies of any kind.
  • Marketing/CRM/Lead Generation Services – I am not interested in these services. Don’t email me. I will block you and I never buy from people on my block list.
  • Press Releases – Do not send me press releases of any kind. If you’re sending the same message out to thousands of people, I likely don’t want it. Sending me a press release will almost certainly get your email address, and probably your firm’s email address, blocked. I may also include your and/or your firm’s email address in lists of email addresses that I provide to spam-blocking providers.
  • Tech Product Reviews – I do not do unpaid product reviews. Do not ask. Do not send me unsolicited products. They will be donated to charity or disposed of.
  • Other Solicitations/Services – If I’ve posted on social media that I am looking for a specific service, the best way to reach me is to respond to that post. If you use the form below, reference my post in the first line. Otherwise, your message will be deleted.

When contacting me, please be specific and to the point. You’re more likely to hear from me if I understand what you are seeking. Please don’t try to entire me to “jump on a phone call” with you to figure out what you want. I won’t.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading; you’ve likely saved us both some time and I genuinely appreciate it. If you have my email address already, emailing me there is your best bet. Otherwise, the form below will go straight to my email.

Finally, if you haven’t contacted me before or if it’s been a while, please mention in the first line of your email that you have read this page; it helps me prioritize your email as someone who has bothered to read this page.

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