Contact Aaron Hurd – For Recruiters

I get a ton of email from recruiters. Most of these contacts are irrelevant and go straight to the trash, with senders being marked as spam. If you want to get your email read and responded to, follow these tips:

Send me an email with the subject starting with “RECRUITER – “

First, this lets me know that there is a chance that you actually read this page. Second, it lets me quickly identify where I was added to a mailing list based on a keyword. Entry-level software engineering jobs are completely irrelevant at this point in my career. Don’t waste my time.

Understand that contacting me is a long-term play.

I am focused on building my business, Flamingo, which is providing tools and solutions to the college bookstore industry. That said, it is quite likely that I will not be looking for the next thing this year or next year. Should I decide to sell or exit this business, I will likely move quickly using my existing network. Get into that network now if you want to be called.

Understand what motivates me

I don’t expect you to scour my website to infer what I am interested in, so here it is: Leading teams of highly-skilled and motivated people that are working on important problems in positive environments that foster the growth and development of the entire team.

I enjoy travel and am okay with prefer highly-mobile roles. Most people will get burnt out traveling for work. I don’t. I flew over 200,000 miles a year for work while I was working for Accenture and going to the airport still is exciting for me.

Relocation is not out of the question, but I do *love* Minneapolis. Places that inspire me: Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Berlin, London, Seoul, Sydney, Cape Town. Large cities without good transit (local and airport) infrastructure are less interesting.

Contact me via email

If you aren’t in my address book, phone calls won’t be answered. The best way to make an introduction is via email.