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I’m an MBA-educated executive with an engineering degree who can break down technical and complex topics so that they are understandable. If you need a writer, let’s talk.

My writing has been featured in a number of places you’ve heard of: Forbes, Robb Report, and Rolling Stone, and many more that you probably haven’t. In addition to writing for publications, I publish on my personal blog and LinkedIn. I have served as an interim editor for Forbes.

I offer expert-level contributions on the following topics:

  • Credit Cards and Rewards Programs
  • Travel Loyalty Programs (Airlines, Hotels, Amtrak, etc.)
  • Banking and Investment Products
  • Personal Finance
  • Tax-Advantaged Investing
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Business Strategy

How I am different from other writers: I approach my freelance writing clients as long-term consulting partners. I take the time to meet with editors periodically and get feedback so that I can continuously improve toward more concise, more stylistically consistent writing that matches the expectations of your editorial team. At the end of the day, every piece that I work on will save your editing team time.

But writing is only half of what I do. I’ve helped many of my freelance writing clients improve editorial processes, clarify style guides, and develop templates to ensure more consistent content across writers. When you work with me, you are working an expert in process improvement who helps streamline your businesses.

Want to see what I can do? Check out the links to some of my sample work below.


For my latest contributions to Forbes, see my author page at

Rolling Stone

For my latest contributions to Rolling Stone, see my Rolling Stone author page.

Robb Report

For my latest contributions to Robb Report, see my Robb Report author page. and Blueprint Consultancy

Many of the articles that I published with the Blueprint Consultancy can be found in the Internet Archive and at my author page on

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