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If you are a recruiter, reading this page before contacting me will save you time. I promise.

I get a lot of email from recruiters. Most of these contacts are irrelevant and go straight to the trash, with senders being marked as spam. If you want to get your email read and responded to, follow these tips:

Send me an email with the subject starting with “RECRUITER – “

This lets me know that there is a chance that you actually read this page and makes it MUCH more likely that I will read and respond to your email. Sound good? Great! Do it!

Understand where I am at in my career. Don’t target me for entry-level roles.

If you haven’t checked out my LinkedIn profile, do that. I have implemented business processes in large, global organizations, managed large teams of people, been responsible for multi-million-dollar contract negotiations, directed the operations of a nonprofit, and run my own business. That said, you can probably guess what my interest in an entry-level web developer role will be.

Understand what motivates me

Take one minute and understand my motivators and demotivators. It may save you and me a lot of time:


  • International roles – My work experience at John Deere took me to Germany and Accenture took me to Canada. I enjoy the experience of working internationally, both temporarily and as an expatriate.
  • Teams – I like working on big problems with great people who know how to work together. Making a team stronger is a strength.
  • Creation and optimization – I am an optimizer; it’s probably because of my engineering background. Put me a role where I can make something better or create something that makes something better.
  • Quality – Anything worth doing is worth doing well.


  • Destructive competition – I don’t like working in environments where others have to lose for me to win (or vice versa). Such environments are breeding grounds for all sorts of bad stuff and I’ll opt out.
  • Seat time – I don’t do well in an environment where the amount of time I spend in the office is more important than the work I do.
  • Broken promises – If you make a promise, keep it. I will do the same. If I can’t expect you to keep your word, I won’t be working with you for long.

I enjoy travel and am okay with prefer highly-mobile roles. Most people will get burnt out traveling for work. I don’t. I flew over 200,000 miles a year for work while I was working for Accenture and going to the airport still is exciting for me.

Relocation is not out of the question for the right opportunity, but I do *love* Minneapolis. Places that inspire me: Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Boulder, Austin, Minneapolis, Berlin, London, Seoul, Sydney, Cape Town. Large cities without good transit (local and airport) infrastructure are less interesting.

Contact me via email

If you aren’t in my address book, phone calls won’t be answered. The best way to make an introduction is via email.

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