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Flamingo – Flamingo is my current project. I started Flamingo in 2015 with Joe Schneider. Currently, we are focused on creating tools for college bookstores that enable meaningful, natural customer interactions. Along the way to our current focus, we released a number of products and services:

  • Flamingo App is a smartphone app that enable students to buy and sell textbooks with each other on campus, for free.
  • Buyback Ninja is a service that connects bookstores with students, enabling bookstores to pay better prices for used textbooks while reducing costs.
  • Ninja Buyback is a mail-in service where students can throw their books in a box and get them sold online automagically.
  • Texting for Bookstores is a service that we launched to help college bookstores provide better service to their customers. We help bookstores get their rental books (and customers) to come back.
  • – We came up with the radical idea that texting should be used for communication, not marketing and designed a tool to make communications between apartment managers and residents more effective.

Free Geek Twin Cities – Free Geek is a non-profit computer refurbisher/recycler in Minneapolis. We take in old electronics and technology, refurbish it, and put it in the hands of someone who will use it. We provide computers to people who cannot otherwise afford them and run a number of educational programs. I am on the board of directors.

Ingress and Resources – I enjoy GPS-based smartphone games. These two are my favorites and I play them with quite a bit of frequency.

ADS-B receiver – I run an ADS-B receiver for FlightAware and provide data for flight tracking. (A public link to my ADS-B receiver is not currently available.)

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