Stuff I Like


I am an avid podcast listener. Here’s some of the stuff I listen to.

The Amp Hour – Dave Jones and Chris Gammell get together to chat weekly about electronics design, industry news, and whatever else is on their minds. Electronics enthusiasts and professionals will enjoy this.

How I Built This – Interesting stores about large companies that you have heard of. I like this podcast because it has a mix of both VC-funded startups and people who bootstrapped and still own 100% of their company.

Making Oprah – This three part (plus three bonus episode) podcast chronicles the tale of the Oprah Winfrey Show from getting hired to do a local afternoon talk show in Chicago in the age of Donahue, to “you get a car!” Oprah is an icon of 80’s and 90’s TV and I particularly like this portrayal. (This podcast is no longer updated.)

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